Frank Kalata

Architect / Builder / Real Estate


  • 2001-2002

    Master Degree

    Southern California Institute of Architecture

    Graduated from the Metropolitan Research and Design (MR+D) Post Graduate Program which provided students with a macro level understanding of architecture and its role within the built environment. The program provided students with an intensive understanding of global cultures as they relate to infrastructure, particularly marine terminals. Students were asked to design projects within the context of voided industry landmarks using architecture as a means of reinvigorating communities. In addition to design studio projects; students were also exposed to cutting edge technologies in order to realize their creations.

  • 1995-1999

    Bachelor Degree

    New Jersey Institute of Technology

    The Bachelor of Architecture program at NJIT is a professional degree program which is fully accredited by the National Architecture Accrediting Board (NAAB). The program provides students with an intensive curriculum fulfilling their educational requirements allowing them to sit for the Architectural Registration Examination (ARE). The program provides students with exposure into design, structures, building systems, and many more architecture related studies.




Work Experience

  • 2009-Present

    home Architecture


    home Architecture LLC is a firm dedicated to assisting clients with their residential projects. Often times; clients have no other choice but to use a contractor's "architect". home Architecture LLC was created to offer our clients with an affordable architect who can protect their interests during the tumultuous times of a home renovation.

  • 2011-2013



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  • 2009-2011


    Graphic Designer

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Throughout my career; I have had the pleasure of collaborating with some amazing people who have inspired and support me. Here is a very brief sampling of my capabilities. For a more indepth supply of work; feel free to message me.



Since the age of 12; I have loved everything about Architecture. Most people get excited about seeing a new car or other beautiful object. I get ecstatic about seeing a great building or new building detail. It's who I am.


Being the son of a plumber, I came to an early realization that dreams will remain dreams if you can't build them. My father's instinctual upbringing gave me a deep appreciation for all building crafts. For without them; architecture is merely a nice drawing.

Real Estate

From an early childhood I have fond memories of working in real estate. From sitting next to my father during a closing to dealing with tenants on a regular basis. Everything about real estate intrigues me. From the analytics behind every deal to the physical property attributes, real estate is an integral part of my soul.


Without my family I would be nothing. I cherish our time together for our memories created this beautiful quilt we call life.

Tech Lover

Since my first (Tandy) computer; I have always appreciated how technology enhances our lives. Its lighting speed transformation over the past decades has left an awe inspiring impression on me, causing me to salvate with every tech article I come across

World Traveler

My parents have blessed me with a love of travel since an early age; most likely due to our family frequently visiting my parent's home country of Poland. The power of instilling a love of travel on a child has a profound impact on their worldly view as they appreciate the world's vast amount of cultures. On my bucket list of continents to visit; I still have Australia, Africa, and Antartica. It will happen one day; I promise.


Being an architect; has given me a fundamental appreciation for all design disciplines. From graphic to furniture, every design element deserves recognition and respect. Without design; life would simply be filled with gray boxes and unhappy people.


Cups of coffee


Projects Done


Happy Clients


Frank we asked you for a simple second story addition. You gave us our dream home. Thank you.

Rich & Maria G.

Frank thank you so much for helping us with the plans & the township. The other architects did not even call us back when we told them the size of our project.

Rich & Karen O.

Your vision, insight and help regarding our addition were deeply appreciated. I look forward to recommending you to my friends.

Raju R.

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